Welcome to NomNom Credits!


NomNom Credits is a service, that when coupled with remote hardware/software (such as RemoteIB.com) allows users to play amusement style games without having physical money on hand.


Example: You wish to play a couple rounds of darts with your friends. Simply sign onto the App, and swipe the monies onto the game! The machine will give the appropriate credits to the machine. No need to get cash from an ATM!


How it Works: (3 easy steps)


1. Owners/operators of amusement style games (darts, videos, 8-line style gaming devices, etc)         sign up and install the hardware required for remote play.

2. You sign up for a NomNom Credits account.

3. You load your own money onto your NomNom Credits account and swipe them to the game

you wish to play!



Is there a cost?

Unless you use a Credit Card to play remotely, there is no cost. (other than the game itself!)



What if my favorite local establishment does not show up in the App?


If your favorite bar/tavern/club does not yet have the ability to play remotely, please email help@nomnomcredits.com with the location name and address and we can contact the owner/operator to assist them in getting set up.



Am I buying a product?

No. This is a service to allow you to play remotely. This is NOT like Amazon coin, or other online  currencies. This is your money, from your personal account. We are just allowing a way for you too use it remotely.



Do my “Credits” expire?

NO. Your credits will always remain in your account


Is it location specific?

No. Where ever you go, as long as the games have the required hardware/software you can play where ever you go.



Is it Safe?

Yes! Your private information is never stored on our servers, and is never sold to any third party markers- as well as the safety of not having to carry cash from place to place!




If  you are an Owner/Operator of Amusement devices of any kind, Please feel free to contact us with information on how to set up your equipment for remote play.!